Events in Anthony de Rothschild Lecture Theatre on the 2nd floor unless otherwise noted.

Thursday, May 26th

Start Time Speaker/Event
10:10 Erik Volz: Introduction
10:20 Xavier Didelot: Converting a phylogeny into a transmission tree in partially sampled and ongoing outbreaks
10:40 Oliver Ratmann: Abstract
11:00 Nicola De Maio: SCOTTI: Efficient Reconstruction of Transmission within Outbreaks with the Structured Coalescent
11:20 Coffee Break (Anteroom)
11:40 Thibaut Jombart
12:00 Samantha Lycett: Faster phylogeographic solutions for transmission pattern problems
12:20 Phil O’Neill: Reconstructing transmission trees for communicable diseases using densely sampled genetic data
12:40 Federica Giardina
13:00 Lunch Break (MSC Room)
14:00 Tanja Stadler
14:20 Sergei Pond
14:40 Richard Goldstein
15:00 Ethan Romero-Severson
15:20 Coffee Break (Anteroom)
15:40 Eben Kenah
16:00 Art Poon: Phylodynamic inference with approximate Bayesian computation
16:20 Zisis Koslakidis:  Successes and challenges in whole genome, next generation sequencing of viral pathogens, Part 1
16:40 Dan Frampton: Successes and challenges in whole genome, next generation sequencing of viral pathogens, Part 2

Friday, May 27th

Start Time Speaker/Event
10:20 Simon Frost: Evaluating methods for source attribution
10:40 Siu Yin Lau: Abstract
11:00 Jessie Wu: Co-estimation of migration patterns and demographic history in structured  populations using a structured coalescent approach
11:20 Colin Worby
11:40 Coffee Break (Anteroom)
12:00 Matthew Hall: Three approaches to the co-estimation of phylogenies and transmission trees using node augmentation
12:20 Christophe Fraser
12:40 Don Klinkenberg: Flexible inference method to reconstruct phylogenetic and transmission trees from densely sampled  outbreaks
13:00 Lunch Break (Anteroom)
14:00 Discussion